Mobile privacy fears spawn App Trust Project


TrustMorgan Reed started out his recent keynote at the MoDevTablet conference in Arlington, Va., by explaining that, as the executive director for the Association of Competitive Technology, "I work for you." That didn't mean, however, he was going to be anything but blunt about how developers should be thinking about the way they collect and manage customer information. "Privacy is not a checkmark," he told the crowd of smartphone and tablet developers who attended the three-day event. "It's something that has to be very upfront and clear about everything you do in your business."

Reed used MoDevTablet to officially announce The App Trust Project, an initiative the ACT hopes will address growing concerns about the degree of openness or "transparency" developers demonstrate about how consumer data is used. "Our goal is to design transparency and notification systems that are meaningful to your customers, not just to lawyers," the call for participation says. "We have been working for months with a group of developer on simplified privacy notifications, and we're continuing to identify new ideas and new areas to tackle." Feature