Mobile search during debates up 2000% since 2008 election


Mobile search traffic related to the U.S. presidential debates has increased 2,000 percent since the 2008 campaign season, according to Google. Smartphones and tablets have emerged as critical second-screen options for voters to research and fact-check subjects discussed by candidates during the debates, Google said. Looking at mobile search activity on an issue-by-issue basis, Google traffic for keyword "Libya" exploded 3,300 percent in the five minutes after a debate mention, followed by "taxes" at 572 percent, "energy" at 311 percent and "immigration" at 172 percent. Mobile queries for the phrase "binders of women" surged 8,800 percent after Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney said that he received "whole binders full of women" while looking to fill cabinet posts during his time as governor of Massachusetts. Article

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