Mobile ticketing expected to have nearly 1 billion users by 2018

NFC technology not catching on for mobile ticketing

The number of smartphone users who use their devices for mobile ticketing is forecast by Juniper Research to double by 2018, reaching close to 1 billion users by then.

Much of the growth is expected to come in the transport sectors, with passengers increasingly using their smartphones to purchase tickets, although mobile ticketing for entertainment events is expected to increase later in the forecast period, according to Juniper.

Adoption of mobile ticking by airline passengers accelerated with the implementation of barcoded boarding passes in 2010, the research firm noted.

Mobile ticketing deployments for subways have been increasing in Europe and in the United States. For example, Boston's subway, the T, introduced mobile ticketing in late 2012, and within seven weeks, mobile ticking accounted for 10 percent of ticket sales.

At the same time, the use of near-field communications technology for mobile ticketing has slowed due to the lack of implementation standards and slow transaction speeds, said Juniper.

"We had already scaled back our forecasts for NFC ticketing deployments in the wake of Apple's decision not to include an NFC chipset in the iPhone 5. Given the outstanding technical issues and the continuing failure of NFC stakeholders to communicate the value proposition to transport operators, further downward revisions were required; we do not envisage anything other than ad hoc deployments in the immediate future," predicted Windsor Holden, Juniper analyst and author of the report.

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