Mobile users dominate China's Internet traffic


Mobile Internet users in China totaled around 500 million, or 81 percent of all Internet users in the country, in 2013, according to a report by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

"Mobile phone is still the major driving force for the growth of Chinese Internet users," the CNNIC explained.

High-traffic mobile phone applications, such as those that utilize video and music, are attracting more Internet users in China. The number of Chinese Internet users who download videos on mobile phones or watched videos online reached 247 million, up by 112 million over 2012.

"The rocketing utilization ratio of high-traffic applications of mobile phone terminal is mainly due to the increasing population of mobile Internet users, improvement of the basic environment for Internet access and drop of Internet access cost," the center explained.

The number of instant messaging users in China rose to 532 million in 2013--driven by the sharp growth in mobile devices--up 64.4 million over 2012.

Despite slow growth in the online game market in China, the number of mobile phone online games rose rapidly in 2013. The number of the mobile phone online game users in China had reached 215 million by December, up by 75.94 million over 2012, with an annual growth rate of 54.5 percent, the center noted.

In 2013, the proportion of online procurement and online sales of Chinese enterprises were 23.5 percent and 26.8 percent, respectively, and the proportion of the enterprises that launched Internet-based marketing promotion campaigns was 20.9 percent. The penetration rates of e-commerce applications varied by industry, with manufacturing and wholesale and retail leading the way in business applications, the center concluded.

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