Mobility is a key attribute for leading smart process apps, says Forrester


Mobility is a key attribute for leading smart process apps, which are helping companies improve human-based business processes, says a Forrester Research report.

Smart process apps are shifting from improving case activities to complex, multi-person projects and operations, the report observes. Forrester contrasts smart process apps from transactional process apps, which focus on automating processes rather than helping humans carry out their tasks.

In its report, Forrester evaluated 12 smart process app vendors: Appian, Cordys, EMC, IBM, JDA, Kana, Kofax, Lexmark, OpenText, Pegasystems, and SAP.

The market research firm evaluated the vendors on a number of criteria, including mobility. "The top vendors differentiate themselves with the ability to create an app once that can immediately and seamlessly run on a web page or on any mobile device, with automatic reformatting for the content and workflow to the screen size, pixels, and other attributes of each device, or support for mobile authoring to create mobile-specific controls that can be reused across forms and business processes," the report related.

The top scoring vendors on mobility were Appian, EMC, IBM, Pegasystems, and SAP.

"The opportunities to use technology to automate processes through the elimination of manual work are dwindling. Humans are essential elements in the remaining business processes and activities. Smart process apps and vendors help make these people smarter and more effective," the report concludes.

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