Mobility is key component to enterprise digital transformation


Enterprises undertaking digital transformations this year are using mobility as an integral part of the process, finds a survey by technology advisory firm Altimeter Group. Eighty-eight percent of the 59 enterprises surveyed said they were executing a digital shift this year.

The most important digital transformation initiative to surveyed enterprises is improving processes that expedite changes to digital properties (80 percent), followed by updating their website and ecommerce programs for mobility (71 percent) and integrating mobile, social, web, e-commerce and service investments to deliver an integrated customer experience (70 percent), according to the survey.

Surprisingly, chief marketing officers are twice as likely to be driving digital transformation efforts as chief information officers. A full 54 percent of survey respondents identified the CMO as the digital transformation leader, while only 29 percent cited the CIO or chief technology officer and 42 percent identified the CEO.

The top five benefits from digital transformation are a lift in customer engagement (75 percent), improved customer satisfaction (63 percent), higher traffic (53 percent), increased lead generation and sales (49 percent) and greater conversions (46 percent).

"The key to digital transformation is to adopt technology as enabler for something bigger. Behavior, whether it's related to customers, employees, values, or expectations, is as important (or more so) as becoming increasingly digital through new investments in strategy and technology.  Thus, digital transformation becomes a catalyst for re-imagining the overall customer (or employee) experience," writes Brian Solis, principal analyst with Altimeter Group.

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