Mobility is transforming CIO-CMO relationship


Mobility is transforming the relationship between the chief information officer and the chief marketing officer, observes Robert Dayton, executive vice president of business analytics and optimization at consulting firm MindStream Analytics.

Dayton cites an IBM survey, which found that CIOs and CMOs are being forced to cooperate in dealing with the changes being brought about by mobile and social technologies, according to a report by Mobile Marketer.

"When IBM had those global events [for CMOs and CIOs], they could not count how many times attendees would come up and say they had finally met the CIO or the CMO in their own company at the event. That social and mobile can bridge this relationship is very powerful. It just has not happened to this degree before," Dayton relates.

CMOs in particular are feeling overwhelmed by the adoption of mobile technology by consumers. "Consumers are now being influenced by their networks that consist of people they know but also people they are never going to meet. Under these circumstances, it is essential that the speed inside a corporation has to change dramatically as they engage with customers in these new ways," Dayton relates.

Consumers are willing to share information but they want personalized and customized communications as a result. But companies have to safeguard that information to retain customer trust. "When you put together mobile and social, security outweighs everything. There is a pronounced impact if we don't build in security from the beginning," Dayton adds.

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