MokaFive provides secure operating environment for iPhones, iPads in the enterprise


Employees can use their iPhones and iPads for corporate work while at the same time giving the IT department the tools to manage that corporate data. New software from MokaFive is designed to create a secure, protected container within the iOS device, while still allowing the corporate data to be manipulated with existing software on the device. In addition, if the device is lost or stolen, or if the user leaves the company, the corporate data can be wiped without affecting the user's personal data.

Because MokaFive's software also works on Mac, Windows and Linux computers, employees can move easily and seamlessly from one device to another. The MokaFive software updates itself with any changes made from any of the user's other devices. This means, for example, if you edit a presentation from your iPad, that change will be reflected on your Windows machine.

"We focused on the whole concept that corporations need to protect their data," said Dale Fuller, CEO of MokaFive. "At the same time with the trend towards lowering the cost of IT, and consumer devices being brought in by employees." Fuller said that when this happens, information starts to leak either because employees start to email corporate data to themselves so they can work at home or because the simply transfer data to their personal machines.

While companies could run everything in the cloud, this presents its own problems, Fuller explained. "Instead of trying to run everything in the cloud, let's use the device and skip the bottleneck, the network. Let's make it so it runs locally," Fuller said.

To give IT managers the ability to manage the data while it was being used in a mobile environment, "We built a secure container," Fuller said. For companies or people on the go, they need the surety that they still own the data." He said that way, any device can go anywhere.

The secure container creates a secure partition in the storage of the iPad or iPhone. The secure container can vary in size as the space required by the corporate data changes. Even though the employee owns the device, the company owns the data and can still manage it. "The company can wipe the corporate stuff clean," Fuller said. "We put a corporate protected bubble on the device. If something happens I can take that back."

Fuller said that the MokaFive system is designed to minimize the amount of data that's transmitted back and forth through the wireless connection, and he said that it's designed to default to Wi-Fi to keep from running up costs in 3G and LTE connections. He noted that the MokaFive app will only transfer data that's changed. Applications, if any, will be downloaded only once and will remain in the "bubble" until they're needed again.

Fuller said that the company is working on a version of MokaFive for Android devices. He added that so far, there isn't a version for Windows Phone.

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