Mozilla introduces Web payments API for Firefox OS


Mozilla unveiled navigator.mozPay, a JavaScript API supporting secure payment capabilities inside Web-based applications optimized for its HTML5-based Firefox OS mobile operating system.

Inspired by the Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Payments API but modified to enable functionality like multiple payment providers and operator billing, the navigator.mozPay API invokes "a secure window with a concise UI," according to Mozilla engineer Kumar McMillan. "After authenticating, the user can easily charge the payment to her mobile carrier bill or credit card. When completed, the app delivers the product. Repeat purchases are quick and easy."

Navigator.mozPay-enabled purchases start and finish in the client, but further processing and notifications happen server-side, McMillan explains. "Multiple providers will facilitate payments behind the scenes of navigator.mozPay. For example, the Firefox Marketplace will be able to facilitate payments. As a developer you will essentially grant permission to each provider that you would like to sell through. In the current design of the API, you do this by asking each provider for an Application Key and an Application Secret so that you can digitally sign payment requests. A signed request prevents unauthorized parties from selling your products and prevents users from tampering with the price, etc."

McMillan said Mozilla will initially roll out navigator.mozPay to Firefox OS but will eventually expand the API to Firefox for Android as well as Firefox for the desktop.

Firefox OS (formerly Boot to Gecko) promises a new phone architecture that relies entirely on the Web to enable HTML5 applications with complete access to core device APIs. Telefónica is scheduled to sell Firefox-powered smartphones in Brazil through its Vivo unit. Firefox handsets will be priced in the same range as feature phones; Mozilla is collaborating with ZTE to build the first wave of Firefox devices. In addition to Telefónica, Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S), Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Telecom Italia and Telenor also have announced their support for the Mozilla platform.

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