Mozilla pushes Firefox mobile browser for iOS devices with features similar to desktop offering


Enterprises that recommend workers use Firefox for their PCs can now access that browser on iOS devices. Mozilla released a mobile version of its Firefox browser for Apple smartphones and tablets this week.

The mobile version brings along some of the features users are familiar with, including smart and flexible search, intuitive tab management, and syncing with Firefox Accounts. Those accounts allow users to seamlessly take their browser history, passwords and tabs from the desktop to an Apple device.

Another nifty feature is its search engine bar. As users type terms in the address bar, a slew of scrollable options appear at the bottom to select a search choice, according to a video included with the announcement.

Mozilla pointed out that workers who wish to replace the default Safari browser on iOS devices with Firefox can do so on the dock at the bottom of the screen. To truly change the default browser setting, however, users must access those options from the Settings app.

This is a long time coming for Mozilla, as the nonprofit announced its intentions to release an iOS app in December of last year and went to public preview in September. The announcement said that the Firefox team is committed to "continuously" adding new features to the new mobile browser.

That's important for Mozilla as mobile computing increasingly becomes integral for most enterprises. Mobile browsers are not renowned for providing great user experiences, at least compared to desktops, so there is room for Firefox to make inroads here.

Firefox's market share in desktop browsers has plummeted from a high water mark of about 30 percent in December 2010 to 9.5 percent last month, according to StatCounter. For mobile browsers, Chrome quickly shot to the top of the rankings, from an 8.4 percent market share in January 2014 to 33.8 percent last month. Clearly a solid product can lead to adoption, and Firefox could hope to emulate that success.

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