myDevices launches drag-and-drop IoT dashboard app Cayenne


Internet of Things company myDevices Tuesday announced a drag-and-drop IoT project builder for the Raspberry Pi called Cayenne.

With Cayenne, myDevices said it wants to take away the barrier of entry for many developers looking to jump right into functions built for connected devices. The tech could open the door for independent developers and less-experienced IT professionals to toy around with IoT devices for the first time, a space that often requires the resources of a large enterprise for immersion.

"There are a lot of IoT platforms on the market, yet there are few IoT platforms that actually let the developer build a project without having to dig deep into SDKs [software development kits] and APIs [application programming interfaces] just to get a simple proof of concept created," said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices, in a press release.

Core to the new product is the Cayenne app, a top-level dashboard for all of the user's Raspberry Pi projects that gives a unified look at all connected projects. Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Users can install the Cayenne software to any Raspberry Pi device connected to a network, and then connect to the app. After installing Cayenne to a Raspberry Pi device, users can from the app view devices on the customizable dashboard and send commands, including configuring triggers, setting up threshold alerts, restarting and shutting down.

The IoT has largely been an arena for the large enterprises and industrial businesses of the world. However, myDevices said that it expects smaller businesses – those interested in testing IoT functions but not prepared to heavily invest – to experiment and find some suitable use cases.

Cayenne accounts are free to sign up for, and there's no cap on the amount of apps users can make.

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- read the press release from myDevices

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