National Australia Bank hangs up on desk phones, trials BYOD

Bank plans to expand BYOD trial beyond initial 450 employees

The National Australia Bank has decided to forego installation of desk phones for about 40 percent of its workstations at its new Melbourne office in favor of encouraging employees to bring their own mobile phones to work, according to a report by iT News.  

The new building, which houses 6,000 staff members, is part of a workplace transformation program that includes setting up work-from-home call centers. NAB is a leading Australian bank and one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

"In the long term where you are is becoming more and more irrelevant. We now have 15,000 people without an allocated desk ... this is not about us testing something new," NAB Project Director Roger Macmorran told iT News.

NAB has piloted a BYOD program for 450 staff members and plans to expand the number of eligible employees in the coming months.

"Results of the current BYOD trial have so far been encouraging. Team members have mobile access on a device of their choice to workplace applications, as well as documents through a secure cloud-based document repository," Kari Schabel, NAB general manager of infrastructure, told CIO Australia in an interview.

The BYOD program is part of the bank's workplace transformation program designed to improve worker mobility, productivity and collaboration, Schabel confirmed.

"The next stage of NAB's workplace strategy will be introducing greater choice for team members, with a select-your-own-device strategy soon to come delivering support for iOS, Android and Windows 8 smart phone devices," Schabel added.

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