Nearly 80 percent of manufacturers plan to develop mobile apps this year, says IDC


Close to 80 percent of manufacturers plan to develop mobile apps in 2013, but current adoption rates for corporate app stores are less than 20 percent among manufacturers, according to research firm IDC.

IDC expects manufacturers to increase their adoption of corporate app stores in the next 12 to 18 months as they accelerate the delivery of mobile apps to their employees and look to more effectively and securely manage related processes.

At the same time, the rise of mobile apps poses a number of management challenges in the manufacturing IT environment. IT departments need to decide when it makes sense to funnel mobile app delivery through a corporate app store and whether the app store should be designed, developed, deployed, and managed in-house or by IT partners.

The ability to support rapid mobile app development through the use of "patterns of applications" will influence the success of the store, judges IDC.

The "patterns of applications" method is adapted from rapid prototyping and agile development applied to business processes. There are a set of core patterns of applications that underlie the majority of business processes and provide a starting point for developing mobile apps, explains IDC.

The goal is for mobile enterprise application platform vendors to provide these patterns of applications for in-house development teams, who can then customize the mobile apps to reflect the specific business process the enterprise wants to enable.

IDC argues that manufacturers who choose to set up and populate their own corporate app stores should consider methods like patterns of applications to ease the burden of developing mobile apps as demand grows across the organization. IDC is starting to see signs of MEAP vendors heading down this path, providing manufacturers with the building blocks to design, develop, and deploy mobile apps.

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