New mobile app helps police track down hit-and-run drivers


A new mobile app called the Medina Alert system enables anyone with a smartphone to help police find hit-and-run drivers in Colorado. Ten other states are considering deploying a similar app.

The app, named after Jose Medina who was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Denver, enables users to record a message when they see a hit-and-run and send it to a police database, Channel 4 in Denver reports.

Using GPS to pinpoint where the caller is located, the app then sends a push notice to other users located in the same area. So far, more than 1,000 people have downloaded the program.

"People in the state of Colorado are responsible, they care about their fellow man, and they're tired of these hit-and-runs ... That's 1,000 more extra eyes and ears helping police protect our streets," says Larry Stevenson, who sponsored a law to combat hit-and-run accidents that became the basis for the mobile app.

The app also provides a map of all of the state's hit-and-run accidents. So far, 23 cases have triggered the alert, and 17 of those have been solved thanks to the app. "This app is going to allow us a chance to challenge the impossible and solve the unsolvable," Stevenson says.

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