News Scan: Analyst to BlackBerry: 'Be Hyundai'; Smart companies will embrace mobile BI in 2014; more


>> Analyst to BlackBerry: "Be Hyundai"

There's plenty of informal wagering going on about when BlackBerry will finally go out of business, but Wedge Partners analyst Bryan Blair suggests perhaps the mobile device should just set its sights a little lower. Okay, a lot lower. "Be Hyundai," Blair proposes. "There is room for you to exist in the mobile arena the same way that there are numerous tiers in the auto market." Read Blair's open letter to the BlackBerry management team.

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>> Smart companies will embrace mobile BI in 2014

Business data analyst firm Tableau Software predicts mobile business intelligence to become "the primary experience for leading-edge organizations" in 2014. Business intelligence has been around for years but with mobile tech permeating enterprise, it was only a matter of time before the two caught up with each other. Read the rest of Tableau's predictions.

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>> Developers cozy up to Facebook, drop HTML5 like a hot rock

How times have changed. A few years ago, mobile developers scoffed at the idea of creating apps to tap into social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Today they can't get there fast enough. But HTML5, once the acronym on every developers' lips, is on the backslide. Read what's behind the change.

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>> One device charger to rule them all

Europe is ready to push mobile phone manufacturers toward producing a universal battery charger for new electronic devices brought to market, including modems, radios and--smartphones. If the European Parliament and EU member states can finalize an agreement, expect to see new chargers on the market in Europe by 2017. Read more about the tentative deal.

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>> From phones to Farmville

Investors are backing away from smartphone component vendors, driving down some share prices to levels not seen since 2009. Instead, shareholders are getting behind mobile app vendors in droves. Even companies with unappealing track records, like Zynga, are pulling in investors thanks to a global app revenue that's growing at more than 40 percent. Read about the investor about-face.

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