News Scan: BYOD helps Texas Roadhouse succeed; Apple's App Store tops $10 billion in sales; more


>> BYOD helps Texas Roadhouse succeed

Texas Roadhouse decided to allow employees to bring their own mobile devices to work to improve employee involvement and engagement while keeping IT costs down, explains Dave Dodson, communications director with the restaurant chain. Texas Roadhouse deployed the Red e App mobile messaging app to enable communications with employees, many of whom are part-time or hourly. "Employees are asked to voluntarily install the app on their personal device. Just as an employee would provide us a phone number to call, now they have access to us via an app," explains Dodson. Read more on Texas Roadhouse's BYOD effort.

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>> Apple's App Store sales exceed $10 billion last year

Apple said that sales from its App Store exceeded $10 billion in 2013, with $1 billion coming in December alone. App Store customers downloaded close to 3 billion apps in the last month of 2013, making it the most successful month ever. App developers from Evernote, Yahoo!, AirBnB, OpenTable, Tumblr, Pinterest and American Airlines "re-imagined the user experience, bringing content to the forefront while increasing the overall efficiency and performance of their apps," Apple said. Read more on the App Store.

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>> Close to half of Western Europeans will use mobile web in 2014

Almost half of the Western European population is expected to use mobile web this year, according to eMarketer estimates. Norway is forecast to lead the way, with 63.5 percent of the population accessing the mobile web at least once per month this year. Denmark and Sweden are forecast to be close behind, with 59.7 percent and 57.9 percent of the population, respectively, accessing the mobile web this year. The average penetration rate of mobile web users in Western Europe is forecast to rise from 49.0 percent in 2013 to 77.8 percent in 2017. Read more on eMarketer's estimates.

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>> Mobility: Integrated, holistic approach needed

Enterprises need an integrated, holistic approach to mobility that increases data security while enhancing productivity, says Tom Kendra, vice president and general manager for systems management at Dell Software. "Now, all of a sudden, there are many, many, many more devices that corporations are issuing as well as devices people are bringing into their work environment at a rapid pace….[We need] to think about how we consolidate these approaches into a more integrated, holistic mobility solution that elevates data security and mobile workforce productivity," Kendra said during a BriefingsDirect podcast sponsored by Interarbor Solutions. Read more on Kendra's remarks.

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>> Microsoft's best BYOD practices

Microsoft has issued a list of best practices for employees bringing their own devices to work. The BYOD best practices include: "procure only genuine apps and software from reputable sources; don't lend your device to others and run the risk of compromising its integrity; and make sure you're safe online and protecting your privacy by visiting. "BYOD does blur the lines between enterprise and personal computing and can create security risks for businesses and the workers, so it's important to have best practices in place," says Don Morrison, director of U.S. anti-piracy for Microsoft.  Read more on Microsoft's BYOD best practices.

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