News Scan: DoT mulls talking cars; Enterprises shun IoT; more


>> DOT to develop rules to enable car-to-car communication

The Department of Transportation will develop rules to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications for light vehicles. Using the V2V technology, vehicles would be able to exchange safety data, such as speed and position, rapidly using short-range communications to avoid collisions. "Vehicle-to-vehicle technology represents the next generation of auto safety improvements, building on the life-saving achievements we've already seen with safety belts and air bags. By helping drivers avoid crashes, this technology will play a key role in improving the way people get where they need to go while ensuring that the U.S. remains the leader in the global automotive industry," says Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. Read more on V2V communications.

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>> Enterprises give Internet of Things the 'cold shoulder'

Enterprises are giving the Internet of Things (IoT) the "cold shoulder" out of concerns for security, cost and integration, according to a CIO article. More than half of firms surveyed by Forrester last year expressed no interest or plans to deploy IoT capabilities, while only 8 percent said they had implemented IoT systems. Security concerns were cited by 37 percent of respondents as the reason for this reluctance, followed by cost (32 percent), and technology immaturity (25 percent), as well as integration challenges, migration and installation risk, and regulatory issues. Read more on the Forrester survey.

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>> Developers want more diagnostics data from iOS 8

Developers want more diagnostics data, improved visual style and better privacy controls from Apple's iOS 8, the anticipated upgrade to the iOS 7 mobile operating system, according to a report by InfoWorld. "It would be cool if there was some way to see information about running apps, like how much CPU time or power is being used for this app. Apple added that to [OS X] Mavericks--in Activity Monitor, you can see energy usage by application," comments Alex Doub, a software engineer at Web and mobile apps builder Rocketmade. Read more on developers' wish list for iOS 8.

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>> Mobile backhaul gear market to reach $8B by 2018

The mobile backhaul market, which includes transport and routers and switches, is forecast by Dell'Oro to reach $8 billion by 2018. The transport segment is forecast to increase at a 2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), while the routers and switches market is forecast to increase at a 5 percent CAGR, reaching nearly 35 percent of the total mobile backhaul market by 2018. The driver of this growth will be the shift to a packet-based backhaul network as mobile operators expand their LTE networks and begin to roll out small cells. Read more on Dell'Oro's mobile backhaul stats.

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>> Microsoft bridges PC, MDM with cloud-based Windows Intune

Microsoft is bridging the gap between PC and mobile device management by updating Windows Intune, its cloud-based PC management platform, for mobile devices, eWeek reports. Windows Intune will be able to accommodate iOS and Android as well as Windows and Windows Phone mobile devices. "Intune also helps Windows shops standardize on one management platform that spans across multiple device types and mobile OSes," the report explains. Read more on the Windows Intune update.

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