News Scan: Google looks in rear-view mirror; Crafty cybercriminals favor social media now; more


>> Google looks in the rear-view mirror

Google takes a fond look back at what the company has achieved in the mobile and cloud space during 2013. Group Product Manager Brad Abrams is particularly proud of his team's ability to merge the two harmoniously. "Early in the year we launched the Mobile Backend Starter, making it trivial to build no-code backends for android (and later iOS) applications. Then, at Google I/O, we launched some great developer features for cloud connecting your Android app directly in Android Studio and we topped off the year with the General Availability of Google Cloud Endpoints." Have a look at Abrams' year-end assessment.

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>> Mobile is becoming the default. What now?

"The mobile moment has arrived," declares ReadWriteWeb's Owen Thomas. He and Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf say mobile devices have essentially taken over our lives so companies really ought to stop obsessing over the minutiae of what it all means and figure out how to make it work for them. As Thomas succinctly puts it, "Mobile, in other words, is becoming the default--and the venue where businesses contend for the affections of consumers and developers." Read more about Thomas's interview with Khalaf.

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>> The criminals are getting crafty

Security experts warn that cybercriminals are likely to begin favoring social networks over email to target their victims in 2014. Corporate security systems aren't off the hook either, according to security vendor Panda Systems. In fact, businesses are likely to be targeted more frequently as malware attacks become more aggressive. Read more about what Panda Security says is coming around the bend.

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>> Sprint and Dish team up to test LTE-based broadband

Sprint and Dish Network announced a partnership Tuesday to jointly plan and and deploy 4G TDD-LTE service over Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum. In return, Dish will install the necessary household equipment needed to tap into the signal. If the trial run goes well in Corpus Christi, TX next year, Dish will most likely push ahead with its plan to offer LTE to around 60 million subscribers by 2016. Read more about the partnership.

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