News Scan: Healthcare apps coming to a doctor near you; IT should crack down on Google Glass; more


>> Take two apps and call back in the morning

From testing and diagnosis to treatment and case management, clinicians in the medical field are finding all sorts of clever uses for tablets and other mobile devices. As a result, medical apps of all kinds for both clinicians and patients are being developed at a record pace to keep up with demand. Read on to find out what kinds of healthcare apps might be coming soon to a doctor's office near you.

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>> IT should crack down on Google Glass while they can

It won't be long before Google Glass is in the hands of consumers across the country--and you just know technophiles will be among the earliest adopters. CIO's Rob Enderle thinks IT departments should be proactive with getting policies in place to regulate employee use of Glass in the workplace instead of waiting until it's too late. Read the article to learn Enderle's reasons.

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>> BYOD isn't just for the office

Mention BYOD and the first thing people think of is taking your smartphone to work. However, there's a growing market for creating mobile apps consumers can use to connect with their cars, homes, boats and other personal possessions. For example, Honeywell is developing consumer products that require purchasers to use their own devices in order to make them work. Read about this growing trend at Intelligent Utility.

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>> Will Android be the platform of choice in 2014?

The year 2013 was heralded by many as the year mobile devices would rule the workplace and now the race is on to see which platform will take the lead, Apple or Android. J. Angelo Racoma makes a compelling case for Android, even though it's still playing catch-up to Apple. Racoma acknowledges that in past years, iOS offered better security and privacy but notes Android "has started making leaps and bounds when it comes to enterprise-grade security." Read more about how Android is closing in on home plate.

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