News Scan: Most firms pick the wrong person; Mobile apps built by tech giants; more


>> Most firms pick the wrong person for the job

A full 82 percent of the time enterprises fail to choose the candidate with the right skills and experience to fill positions, according to research by Gallup Business Journal cited by Nick Huber of Ernst & Young. Gallup looked at hundreds of enterprises and measured the engagement of 27 million employees and more than 2.5 million work units over the past two decades. Read more

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>> Nine out of top 10 mobile apps built by top six tech firms

Nine out the top 10 most used apps are built by six large tech companies--Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay--according to a report by ComScore cited in a CITEWorld article. Seven of every eight minutes on mobile devices is spent using an app, the report finds. Yet close to two-thirds of smartphone users download now new apps each month. Read more

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>> Mobile Internet drives carriers' mobile service revenue, says ABI

The mobile Internet will drive mobile service revenues for carriers, says ABI Research. Mobile Internet revenues are forecast to reach $457 billion by 2019, or 44.7 percent of total mobile service revenue. Overall, aggregate service revenue this year is expected to growth 2.9 percent year-over-year, topping $1 trillion, says ABI. Read more

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>> Report: iPhone 6 launch may be delayed by display redesign

Apple suppliers have had to redesign a key component of the iPhone 6 display, which could delay or restrict the availability of the new smartphone, Reuters reports. The backlight that illuminates the screen had to be revised, putting the screen production on hold in June and July, said sources consulted by the news service. Apple has scheduled a media event for Sept. 9, with many speculating that this will be the launch of both versions of the iPhone 6 – the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch phone. Read more

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>> Kinvey teams with VMware on cloud-based MBaaS platform

Mobility firm Kinvey unveiled on Monday its enterprise mobile backend-as-a-service hybrid cloud product on VMware vCloud Air. Enterprise app developers to build, scale and manage their mobile apps using the cloud-based platform. "VMware is uniquely positioned to support enterprise IT as it transitions from web infrastructure to the mobile cloud era," says Ajay Patel, vice president of application services at VMware. Read more

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