News Scan: New Android malware threat snoops SMS messages; Try mobile app development, but don't overthink it


>> New Android malware threat snoops SMS messages

Heads up to organizations with liberal BYOD policies: PCMag reports a new malicious Android app on the loose that poses as an uninstaller utility, and then grabs and reads a phone's incoming and outgoing texts. Dubbed "Smsthief," the malware apparently uses the device's personal information to send spam messages or call premium numbers that later appear on the owner's carrier bill. Read more

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>> Investments in the mobile space top $61 billion

According to a new study, the number of mergers and acquisitions and investments in the mobile space is exploding, at about $47 billion worth in the former and $14 billion in the latter over the past 12 months. Investment firm Digi-Capital, the company behind the report, says, "Hot sectors such as travel/transport, utilities, and mCommerce have led the charge, but even smaller sectors are seeing hundreds of millions of dollars." Read more

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>> Try mobile app development, but don't overthink it

We mentioned last week that developers stand to make a ton of money building mobile enterprise apps, but only around 16 percent are taking a stab at it. If you're thinking about taking the plunge, have a look at a list of eight tips to point you in the right direction. The first one is particularly spot on: Don't overthink it. Read more

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>> Jolla Chairman boasts launch of 'the third operating system'

Finnish smartphone maker Jolla made a bold statement during this week's launch of its new mobile device. Jolla's Chairman of the Board says the company's new phone boasts "the third mobile operating system." Assuming he's aligning Jolla's OS with Apple and Android's operating systems, it's anyone's guess if he thinks it edges out Windows or BlackBerry for third place. Read more

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>> OpenTable offers mobile payments in 20 cities

As mobile apps continue their march to reduce everything we do to a series of taps and clicks, restaurant reservation company OpenTable announced the launch of mobile payments via credit card information stored within the OpenTable iPhone app. Following the success of its pilot program in San Francisco, OpenTable expects to expand the service to 20 additional cities by the end of the year. Read more

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