News Scan: NFL opts for Surface Pro 2 tablet for sideline use; Per employee BYOD costs soar; more


>> NFL opts for Surface Pro 2 tablets to watch replays

The NFL plans to provide players and coaches with ruggedized Surface Pro 2 tablets on the sidelines so they can watch replays and look at photos of the game, Endgadget reports. For example, the Sideline Viewing System will enable players and coaches to look at the opposing team's formations and draw on the images. This is part of a five-year, $400 million partnership between Microsoft and the NFL. Read more

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>> Per employee cost of supporting BYOD devices expected to jump by 54% over 2 years

The average IT spending on BYOD devices is $157 per employee, a figure that is expected to increase to $242 per employee over the next two years, a 54 percent jump, according to a survey of 414 IT managers sponsored by Oracle. A full 93 percent of respondents said that data loss and other security breaches were their top security concerns about BYOD. Read more

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>> ProtonMail launches 'NSA-proof' mobile app

ProtonMail, an email service developed by CERN particle physicists, promises to provide a secure mobile app with encryption that even the National Security Agency can't crack, reports Forbes. The startup used crowdfunding through Indiegogo to raise $600,000 for app development. "We want to protect people around the world from the mass surveillance that is currently being perpetrated by governments and corporations around the world," the startup wrote in its funding goal. Read more

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>> FCC proposed to block joint spectrum bidding by Sprint and T-Mobile

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to block Sprint and T-Mobile from bidding together in the incentive auction that will transfer broadcast TV spectrum to cellular use scheduled to be held early next year, reports Ars Technica. The proposal, put forward by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, would block the four largest carriers from partnerships for bidding on the spectrum. "Our goal is to promote the participation of as many parties as possible in the auction," writes FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Chief Roger Sherman. Read more

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>> Farmers manage their supply chain with new mobile app

SKC Group has developed a mobile app designed to help small- and medium-sized farms in the U.S. better manage their supply chain and boost profits and market reach, Fox Business reports. The mobile app called farmbrain connects customers and suppliers and helps farms increase their market base. Read more

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