News Scan: Smartwatch makers lie about components; Samsung pulls LA Clippers ads over racist row; more


>> Smartwatch manufacturers lying about components, says ABI

Smartphone components are being used in smartwatches instead of components optimized for smartwatches, even when manufacturers claim otherwise, according to ABI Research. "The Samsung Galaxy Gear and Z-watch use application processors originally targeted for smartphones/tablets and the uWatch goes a step further by using a full blown GPRS SOC, MediaTek MT6260, but only uses the integrated BT. Other watches like the Sony series and Pebble use discrete solutions. The end result is less than optimal battery life and unnecessary cost/size that get passed on to the consumer," says ABI. Read more

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>> Samsung pulls LA Clippers ads in response to racist comments allegedly made by owner

Korean smartphone maker Samsung is pulling ads scheduled to run during Los Angeles Clippers games and broadcasts because of the controversy surrounding racist remarks allegedly made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Re/code reports. As first reported by TMZ, an audio tape was made public in which someone who appears to be Sterling makes racist comments to his then girlfriend V. Stiviano telling her not to bring Magic Johnson and other African-Americans to Clippers games. "The comments made are offensive, unacceptable and conflict with our core values as a company, and as a result we have decided to suspend current advertising slated to run onsite at the L.A. Clippers games and also during the televised airing of the Clippers games," Samsung said in a statement sent to Re/code. Read more

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>> P&G puts more of shrinking ad budget into mobile

Consumer products firm P&G is reducing its marketing budget this year, while focusing more on mobile and social strategies, reports Mobile Marketer. "We continue to drive marketing effectiveness and productivity through an optimized media mix with more digital mobile search and social presence, improved message clarity and greater non-advertising marketing efficiency," said Jon Moeller, P&G chief financial officer, during an earnings conference call with analysts. Read more

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>> AT&T plans LTE network to provide high-speed in-flight connectivity

AT&T plans to build a high-speed 4G LTE network for in-flight connectivity for airlines and passengers. The service, which could be ready by late 2015, will provide fast Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment to passengers. Aviation customers will be able to use the network for cockpit communications, maintenance operations and crew services. Working with Honeywell, AT&T will use spectrum it already owns to build an "innovative" air-to-ground network in the continental United States. Read more

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>> Microsoft says 'ei' to Microsoft Mobile moniker

Despite rumors, Microsoft said that it will not be using Microsoft Mobile for the moniker of the newly acquired Nokia devices and services businesses. Stephen Elop, former head of Nokia and now head of the Microsoft Devices Group, said in a blog that Microsoft Mobile was a "legal construct that was created to facilitate the merger" and it will not be used for the consumer market. At the same time, the Nokia brand will not be used for long by Microsoft, Elop explains. Read more

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