News Scan: Snapchat secures $20M; Aetna shuts down CarePass mHealth app; more


>> Mobile messaging service Snapchat secures $20M from investment firm

Mobile messaging service Snapchat has received a $20 million investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, bringing its total valuation to $10 billion, Venture Beat reports. The app, which deletes messages after a certain period of time, currently has 10 million users. Venture Beat predicts that the new investment might be used to turn the messaging platform into an advertising platform. Read more.

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>> Aetna to shut down its CarePass mHealth app

Aetna has announced it will shut down its CarePass mobile health app by the end of the year, reports MobiHealthNews. "At this time, we have decided to make no further investments in the CarePass platform," an Aetna spokesperson tells MobiHealthNews in an email. "In addition, we will not be conducting pilot programs with Aetna plan sponsors that were previously reported," the spokesperson adds. Read more.

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>> Intel unveils 3G mini-modem for IoT devices

Intel has unveiled a 3G mini-modem, which is the size of a penny, aimed at Internet of Things (IoT) devices, reports eWeek. The new XMM 6255 modem can fit into a device as small as a sensor. The modem includes the company's SMARTI UE2p radio frequency transceiver, which is based on the new Intel Power Transceiver technology, the report notes. Read more.

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>> Fleep adds premium mobile messaging service for enterprise customers

Mobile messaging startup Fleep is offering a premium service aimed at the enterprise, says TechCrunch. For €3 per month per user, subscribers can get access to unlimited message history and files. The paid premium service will soon offer management features that provide IT admins with the ability to add and remove users from Fleep chats. Fleep is continuing to offer its basic messaging service for free. Read more.

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>> Automakers need to incorporate mobile tech into vehicles to attract millennials

To reach millennials, automakers need to better incorporate mobile technology into their vehicles, says a study by MRY and reported on by Mobile Marketer. "Automakers are investing a lot in technological makeovers for cars, but consumers are most comfortable with the mobile devices in their pockets," says David Berkowitz, MRY's chief marketing officer. "Expect consumers to love their cars even more when the cars seamlessly connect to their iPhones and Galaxy's," he adds. Read more.

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