News Scan: Starbucks puts mobile payment at center of app; US mobile data service revenue to top $100B; more


>> Starbucks puts mobile payment at center of mobile app revamp

Starbucks is revamping its mobile app by putting mobile payments front and center, according to a report by Mobile Commerce Daily. The coffee firm is adding two new features to its iPhone app next week--a digital tipping function and a shake-to-pay option. "By implementing shake-to-pay, Starbucks has made it easy for their app to be top of phone. According to Carlisle & Gallagher's mobile wallet research, payment choice and real-time incentives rank in the top three desired features and functionalities consumers would prefer in their mobile wallet," says Peter Olynick, lead for card and payment practice at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group. Read more on Starbucks mobile revamp.

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>> U.S. mobile data service revenues to top $100B this year

U.S. mobile data service revenues are forecast by consulting firm Chetan Sharma to surpass $100 billion this year, the first country to do so. Last year, U.S. mobile data service revenues reached $90 billion. In the fourth quarter, more than half of U.S. mobile service revenues came from data services as opposed to voice services. "The U.S. mobile market is by far the most dominant right now in terms of revenue and innovation across the stack," says Chetan Sharma. Read more on the U.S. mobile market.

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>> Intelligent traffic management system penetration to reach 98% in smart cities by 2025

Penetration of intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies in smart cities will range from 20 percent for autonomous vehicles to 98 percent for traffic management systems by 2025, says ABI Research. "While numerous smart city projects are currently testing or deploying multimodal transportation, traffic management, adaptive traffic signaling, transit ticketing and smart parking payment solutions, the focus will shift to urban tolling and freight systems to address rampant congestion and pollution issues, especially in developing regions," explains Dominique Bonte, vice president and practice director at ABI Research. Read more on ITS and smart cities.

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>> Indian enterprises to increasingly deploy mobile apps

Indian enterprises will increasingly deploy mobile applications as they ride the mobility wave, predicts research firm IDC. "2014 will finally see the India IT eco-system begin a serious transition to the 3rd platform technologies of cloud and mobility, and to a lesser extent big data, and social. IDC predicts the influx of cloud and enterprise mobility technologies along with the associated changes in architecture and IT management processes," says Jaideep Mehta, vice president and country general manager at IDC India. Read more on the IDC's analysis of Indian IT spending.

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>> Wireless charging gear revenue to jump 40-fold by 2018

Wireless charging gear revenue is forecast by IHS technology to increase 40-fold by 2018, spurred by the availability of products and partial resolution of standards conflicts. Revenue from wireless power transmitter and receiver shipments will increase to $8.5 billion in 2018, up from $216 million in 2013, according to IHS Technology; 2014 revenue will increase by 264 percent to reach $785 million. "Makers of smartphones and tablets increasingly are integrating wireless power functionality directly into their products," says Ryan Sanderson, associate director and principal analyst for wireless power at IHS Technology. Read more on the IHS wireless charging forecast.

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