News Scan: Twitter gives mobile ads a boost; Moven gets $8M to go abroad; more


>> Twitter offers mobile app install promotions to all advertisers

Twitter is now offering mobile app installation promotions to all of its advertisers, VentureBeat reports. The company is expanding a program it began earlier this year for certain advertisers, such as EA Games and Lyft, which enabled them to test-drive a feature that promotes app installation through native ads. Users who click on a promoted link will be taken to the App Store or Google Play, where they will be able to download the app. Facebook and Google offer a similar feature. Read more

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>> Campaigns by L'Oreal, Burger King and Nissan among top mobile ad efforts

L'Oreal, Burger King and Nissan were among the brands in the top 10 mobile advertising campaign in the first half of 2014, according to the judgment of Mobile Marketer. Top mobile marketers employed enhanced targeting, greater interactivity and native experiences to attract customers. Large brands are moving away from shrunk down versions of desktop ads and more toward ads developed specifically for mobile devices, Mobile Marketer observes. Read more

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>> Moven gets $8M to take mobile banking app abroad

U.S.-based startup Moven has secured $8 million in venture capital (VC) to take its mobile banking app worldwide, reports TechCrunch. VC investors included SBT Venture Capital, Anthemis Group, Route 66 Ventures, Standard Bank and New York Angels. The Moven app includes money management features, such as real-time spending alerts and budgeting tools. Read more

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>> V2X module penetration to reach 62% by 2027, predicts ABI

The global penetration of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communications modules in new vehicles will reach 62 percent by 2027, and the total installed base of dedicated short-range communications V2X modules, both OEM and aftermarket, will reach 423 million by then, predicts ABI Research. "V2X technology has been a long time coming, but its hour of glory might just be around the corner, at least in terms of automotive time frames ... Additionally, the accelerating developments in autonomous driving will further fuel interest in V2X technology as a critical component for adding redundancy and reliability," comments Dominique Bonte, ABI vice president and practice director. Read more

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>> Bosch is top automotive MEMS sensor vendor

Germany's Bosch is the top supplier of automotive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors, judges IHS Technology. Bosch's revenue of $740 million amounted to more than three times the sales of Japan's Denso, which remained in second place last year. Together the top 10 vendors accounted for $2.18 billion worth of revenue, or 88 percent of the industry total. MEMS sensors are used in a variety of telematics applications, including electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring systems and roll-detection systems. Read more

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