News Scan: Venture capitalists grow bullish on mobile tech; Mobile devices causing headaches for courtroom defense teams; more


>> Intel to buy Axxia Networking Business for $650 million

Intel agreed this week to drop $650 million in cash to purchase LSI's Axxia Networking Business and its assets. Intel's Rose Schooler says the acquisition will help the company meet its "vision of transforming wireless access into an intelligent, flexible network based on standard building blocks to fuel innovation and increase network efficiencies." The acquisition has been approved by both boards of directors but still needs to go through the government regulatory process. If that goes smoothly, the deal should be buttoned up by the end of Q4. Read more

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>> Corporate investment in network architecture on the rise worldwide

According to a recent survey released by Dimension Data, organizations are starting to increase spending to strengthen the network architecture that supports enterprise mobility and cloud. The report assessed 74,000 technology devices in a variety of sectors across 32 countries and discovered that while companies are preserving their network assets as long as possible, "the growth in the percentage of access switches that support gigabit Ethernet and 10-gigabit uplink capacity tells us that some refresh was taking place to support architectural trends like pervasive wireless connectivity and enterprise mobility." Read more

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>> Venture capitalists grow bullish on mobile tech

Venture capitalists are growing increasingly bullish on technology, mobile tech in particular. CNET is reporting on a VC study by Deloitte & Touche that points to a strong confidence in mobile--4.02 on a ranking scale of one to five. Other high-ranking categories include cloud and robotics. Jim Atwell, national managing partner for Deloitte's Emerging Growth Company, told CNET tech companies tend to have the most excitement surrounding them, which accounts for the rise in VS confidence. Read more

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>> Mobile devices causing headaches for courtroom defense teams

Corporate Counsel's Sue Reisinger reports that corporate in-house attorneys are encountering an increase in e-discovery and audit trail issues. The challenges are due, in part, to the growing use of mobile devices in the workplace which sometimes makes it difficult to know where important case information is stored. Sources say the problem centers around the reality that "the capture, storage and retrieval of data is a constantly evolving challenge, complicated by the sheer variety of connected and mobile devices that now generate data." Read more

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