News Scan: Wendy's opts for mobile payments; Lenovo pays $100M for mobile patents; more


>> Wendy's joins other fast food chains with mobile payment app

Wendy's is joining the growing list of fast food restaurants enabling payment through mobile apps, reports Mobile Commerce Daily. Last week, 85 percent of Wendy's U.S. restaurants began accepting mobile payments through the firm's iPhone and Android apps, the report notes. "We're testing several options that would allow people to interface with the restaurant in whatever format they prefer--this will take other forms in the near future," explains Brandon Rhoten, vice president of digital at Wendy's. Read more on Wendy's mobile payment app.

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>> Lenovo ponies up $100M for mobile patents

Chinese computer maker Lenovo is paying $100 million to purchase 21 mobile patents from Unwired Planet, Wireless Week reports. "This investment is an extension of Lenovo's existing intellectual property portfolio. It will serve the company well as we grow and develop our worldwide smartphone and mobile PC Plus business in new markets," says Jay Clemens, general counsel of Lenovo, in a statement. Earlier this year, Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola Mobility's handset business from Google for close to $3 billion, while Google maintained ownership of most of Motorola's patent portfolio. Read more on Lenovo's mobile push.

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>> Enterprise apps adopt consumer-like features

Enterprise apps are increasingly using consumer-like features to improve usability, based on enterprise apps presented at GigaOm Structure Data conference, eWeek reports. For example, MetLife has developed a Facebook-type wall where sales reps can see the full range of customer interactions and start the conversation with knowledge about the customer. MetLife has a team of 90 developers using MongoDB as the document database to develop apps that change how reps deal with customers. Read more on enterprise app development.

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>> Utah launches Google Glass transit-tracking app

Utah has launched a transit-tracking app for Google Glass called OnTime for Glass, according to "OnTime for Glass brings Glassware to transit riders in a unique app that notifies them when their vehicle is approaching," says David Fletcher, Utah chief technology officer. The app enables transit riders to track vehicle location in real time, get scheduled SMS notification when buses or trains are nearby, and view route maps. Read more on OnTime for Glass.

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>> Apple's iOS devices beat Android in mobile web browsing

Apple's iOS beats Android when it comes to mobile web browsing, according to stats from dotMobi cited by Computerworld. About 62 percent of mobile web browsing was on iOS devices in the U.S. market last year. In the UK and France, 65 percent of mobile browsing was on iOS devices; in Japan, 68 percent; in Canada, 73 percent; and in Australia, 74 percent. Read more of dotMobi's stats.

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