NFC Forum unveils standardized interface specification


The nonprofit NFC Forum published its NFC Controller Interface specification, which defines a standard interface within Near Field Communications-enabled products between a controller and the device's main application processor. According to the NFC Forum, the specification promises to make it easier for device manufacturers to integrate chipsets from different manufacturers by defining a common level of functionality and interoperability among the components within NFC-enabled products such as mobile phones, tablets, consumer electronics and appliances.

"With the publication of the NCI specification, device manufacturers will be able to integrate NFC controllers into their products quickly and simply," said NFC Forum Chairman Koichi Tagawa. "This will ease chip sourcing and shorten time to market for new NFC-enabled devices of all kinds." NFC support is a crucial component of many mobile services, including mobile payment efforts like Google Wallet and carrier-backed Isis; other companies like Apple have shunned NFC integration. Release

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