Nielsen: iOS users spend twice as much time playing mobile games


Games remain the most popular mobile application category, with 64 percent of U.S. wireless subscribers playing mobile titles in the last 30 days according to new research published by Nielsen. Weather apps are closing in fast, with 60 percent of subscribers accessing the local forecast over the last month--56 percent of users used social networking apps, 51 percent turned to maps, navigation or search tools, 44 percent listened to music and 39 percent checked out news apps.


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Gamers across Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS platform spend almost twice as much time playing as the average mobile gamer, Nielsen reports. iOS gamers spend 14.7 hours a month playing mobile titles, while the average gamer spends 9.3 hours each month--Android gamers dedicate 9.3 hours per month, followed by Windows Phone 7 users (4.7 hours), BlackBerry users (4.5 hours) and feature phone users (4.5 hours).

Windows Phone 7 users are the most likely to acquire a mobile game via download, at 70 percent--22 percent of WP7 users who played a mobile game in the last 30 days acquired the title as a device preload, 4 percent played a web-based game and 3 percent transferred the title from their computer or other device. Sixty-nine percent of iOS gamers download titles from the App Store; 14 percent play preloaded games, 4 percent turn to web games and 3 percent play games transferred from another device. Sixty-three percent of BlackBerry users who played a game in the last month played a preloaded title--only 24 percent downloaded a game.

Ninety-three percent of respondents who've downloaded a premium app in the last 30 days said they would pay for mobile games, outpacing all other categories. Entertainment apps are next at 87 percent, with productivity apps and maps/navigation/search apps tied at 84 percent each. Seventy-seven percent of respondents would pay for food apps, and 76 percent would open their wallets for news apps.

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