Nielsen: U.S. trails Europe in mobile ad effectiveness


A new report from research firm Nielsen found that tablet and handset users in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy are more likely than their American counterparts to make a purchase online after viewing an ad on a connected device.


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U.S. device owners are also the least likely, according to the report, to make a purchase directly on their smartphones after viewing an ad on their device. Only 6 percent of U.S. respondents reported buying something after seeing an ad for it on their mobile device. In contrast, Italian device owners are three times as likely (18 percent) to make a purchase after seeing an ad.

The only metric where U.S. device owners surpassed their European counterparts was tablet coupon usage. Of U.S.-based tablet users, 13 percent reported requesting or using a coupon through a mobile ad on their tablet, more than Italy (12 percent), Germany (10 percent) or the U.K. (10 percent).

U.S. tablet users are more likely to click mobile ads or search for more information about advertised products than U.S. smartphone users.

Last week, Flurry reported that advertisers were underspending considerably on mobile. While users spend 23 percent of their time on mobile devices, only 1 percent of advertising spending is focused on mobile.

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