Northbridge Financial opts for Encircle app, PRIV phone to update insurance claims processing system


Northbridge Financial, a commercial property and casualty insurance management firm based in Toronto, wanted to update its legacy claims processing system.

The company opted to use the Encircle platform, a suite of mobile productivity tools for claims adjusters and policyholders, and to run the platform on BlackBerry's new Android-powered PRIV smartphone.

BlackBerry PRIV running Encircle Android app | Source: BlackBerry blog 

Using the Encircle Android mobile app, claims adjusters can document information, generate forms and reports, capture signatures, share photos, videos, sketches and voice to text, and provide settlement details on the mobile phone, explained BlackBerry's Lee Van Cromvoirt in a blog post.

In addition, policyholders can use the mobile document and inventory the contents of their homes and buildings and track the status of their insurance claim.

BlackBerry explained that the PRIV smartphone provides strong security to keep confidential information in the Encircle mobile app secure. The company's Hardware Root of Trust embeds cryptographic keys in PRIV's hardware, while DTEK by BlackBerry enables users to monitor how apps are interacting with the BlackBerry PRIV and what they are doing with the information they access using the smartphone.

"Encircle allowed us to bring innovative technology to the table. It made claims handling processes faster, simpler and smarter – with little to no training, so the return on investment was immediate: increased productivity, reduced cost and improved customer service," said Evan Di Bella, national director for claims at Northbridge Financial.

Of course, running an Android mobile app on a BlackBerry device would not have been possible before the company launched the PRIV last year. No doubt, this was part of the thinking behind the new smartphone.

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