NQ Mobile expands to gaming with 'Gods & Dragons' for iOS


If you think NQ Mobile is only a mobile security solutions firm, think again. Security remains its bread and butter, but the company's fledgling FL Mobile gaming unit has also enjoyed significant success with a series of iOS and Android releases targeting the booming Asia Pacific market. Nine FL Mobile titles ranked among the top 100 grossing applications in the Chinese outpost of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store during the second quarter, and its platform boasts more than 16.1 million active users worldwide, with additional downloads now eclipsing 10 million per month.

No FL Mobile release has enjoyed greater success than the free-to-play Gods & Dragons, and NQ Mobile is now expanding the title to North America, signaling its first attempt to capture the domestic gaming audience. NQ Mobile Chief Commercial Officer Gavin Kim spoke to FierceDeveloper about the company's gaming aspirations, the keys to successful monetization and the importance of localization. Developer Workshop