Openwave launches contextual advertising solution

Software applications and infrastructure provider Openwave Systems announced the launch of Openwave Contextual Advertising, a modular, end-to-end advertising and content recommendation solution. Promising mobile and broadband operators the opportunity to leverage subscriber data and more effectively pitch targeted content and services, Openwave Contextual Advertising employs real-time context, user behavioral history, location information and other opt-in data to determine relevant ads and offers. The Openwave Contextual Advertising solution features the Openwave Personalization System, a targeting engine that includes subscriber data as well as an advertising broker, delivery application modules, ecosystem management and marketing APIs.   

"We are anticipating a shift away from a traditionally segmented, media channel-based approach to a much more holistic, user-based approach that crosses multiple channels including the mobile, PC and TV media," said Openwave senior VP of product management John Boden in a prepared statement. "Our solution is designed to enable operators to capture a greater portion of advertising revenue by offering advertisers an integrated channel for delivering higher ROI ads and offers."  -Jason

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