Opera Mini browser to ship worldwide across Qualcomm's Brew MP


BARCELONA, Spain--Qualcomm will incorporate Opera Software's popular Opera Mini browser into handsets running its Brew MP platform, promising a smartphone-like mobile web experience on mass-market feature phones. According to Qualcomm, Opera Mini integration simplifies the process of supplying a quality browser solution to OEMs and ODMs, touting benefits like accelerated time-to-market and simplified development. In addition to a browser optimized for smaller device screens, Opera Mini boasts compression technology that slashes subscribers' monthly data charges.

Last week, Opera announced that more than 100 million mobile subscribers worldwide now access an Opera browser each month. Opera Mini boasts 90.4 million monthly users globally, with Opera Mobile adding roughly 15 million, extending the company's combined reach to 105 million mobile consumers. Opera adds that total does not include users who have downloaded the public version of Opera Mini browser--nor does it account for users accessing Opera Mini browsers pre-installed by the company's operator partners, meaning the 100 million benchmark in fact underestimates its true worldwide userbase.

Opera adds that the total number of Opera Mini users grew by 40.6 million between January 2010 and January 2011, with U.S. users increasing 20.6 percent and pageviews up 79.1 percent during that timeframe. American users now average 438 pageviews per month. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) remains the leading U.S. mobile website in terms of unique visitors per month, followed in descending order by Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

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