Paid apps go live on Palm Pre


Palm added the first premium applications to its Palm App Catalog, introducing six new webOS-based downloads--including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, WeatherBug Elite and Checkers Pro--priced between 99 cents and $9.95. Per terms of the Palm App Catalog e-commerce beta program, Palm developers will receive 70 percent of gross revenues generated via online sales--charges will be limited to one-time download fees. Customers will be able to purchase applications using Visa and MasterCard.

The introduction of premium Pre smartphone apps corresponds with the announcement Palm will officially open the doors of its Palm webOS developer program in December, promising programmers a choice of how to get their applications to market as well as control over promotion. In addition to distribution via the Palm App Catalog, the program will offer developers web-based transaction and fulfillment services--each app will be given a unique URL enabling promotion across the web, allowing consumers to download and install apps over-the-air directly from the cloud. Palm also promises an efficient self-certification process. Both distribution options include a support program giving developers the tools to build, test, distribute and receive feedback on their Palm webOS applications.

For more on the Palm App Catalog enhancements:
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