Palm to release webOS SDK, allow legacy apps


Palm announced it is ready to release its webOS software development kit to the developer community at large, after previously limiting access to the SDK to a handful of select programmers. Speaking at this week's Web 2.0 expo, Palm senior vice president of application software and services Michael Abbott said the firm will expand its early access program for the Palm Mojo Software Development Kit, noting the program initially will be limited as the tools and systems continue to be refined and improved; general availability is scheduled for later this year. Palm adds that Mojo offers developers the ability to integrate their applications into core webOS functionality like linked contacts, layered calendars, multitasking, notifications and GPS capabilities. The Mojo SDK will also feature the Mojo Messaging Service, a new developer-facing XMPP publish/subscribe service that will enable programmers to push live content to their applications and services.

Palm also announced that third-party developer MotionApps is creating Classic, an emulator application to enable most legacy Palm OS applications to run on webOS devices. The application will be available for purchase when the webOS-based Palm Pre smartphone hits retail.

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