Personal mobile devices cause nearly one-third of corporate breaches in Europe

Samsung survey finds that CIOs report a 17 percent yearly savings from BYOD

Within the last two years, nearly one-third of European companies lost confidential or customer data because employees used personal mobile devices on the network, finds a new survey from Samsung.

The survey polled 490 chief information officers and IT decision makers at European companies. The causes of those breaches range from lost and stolen devices to malware attacks, reports the Financial Times.

Ninety-seven percent of those surveyed said either that 'bring your own device' has been responsible for a security breach during the last two years or that they would have expected a breach in that time period if they had allowed BYOD.

Despite these high incident numbers--and speculative incident fears--European companies are trying to mitigate such threats by preventing ad-hoc consumerization of the enterprise. The survey also finds that more than half of the companies surveyed have a BYOD policy in place, writes FT.

But the adoption of BYOD comes with advantages as well. Samsung's survey also finds that CIOs report a 17 percent yearly savings on their communications bills and 46 percent report enhanced worker productivity, reports UK tech journal PCR.

"Our research makes clear that there are major benefits for organisations who allow employees to use their own mobile devices for work," Graham Long, vice president of the Enterprise Business Team at Samsung, told PCR.

However, without proper oversight BYOD can be a threat to corporate security, he added.

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