PopCap: Half of gamers favor mobile devices for playing games at home


Half of mobile gamers in the U.S. and U.K. favor their smartphone or tablet as their primary home gaming platform, according to a new survey conducted by research firm Information Solutions Group on behalf of Electronic Arts' PopCap Games division.

Sixty-nine percent of all mobile gamers play at home on the couch, 57 percent play in bed and 41 percent play while watching television, PopCap reports. Sixty-three percent play as a passenger in a car, bus or train, and 55 percent kill time while waiting for an appointment. Among respondents who play mobile games exclusively on tablets, 78 percent play on the couch and 52 percent play while watching TV--conversely, consumers who play solely on smartphones are more likely to play in situations that required waiting, like sitting in a doctor's office or standing in line at a store.

PopCap adds that a combined 10 percent of respondents confessed to playing mobile games either in church or other place of worship, while driving a car or while watching a movie in a theater. Nine percent have played at a live sporting event, 8 percent admitted to playing mobile games in school, 6 percent have played at work during a meeting or conference call, and 4 percent have played at the gym. In addition, 9 percent of respondents said they have been late or missed an appointment, class, ride or flight because they were engrossed in a mobile game.

Gamers who tend to play in unorthodox environments tend to skew male (60 percent), younger than 35 years of age (69 percent) and access mobile games daily (78 percent). Seventy-five percent of gamers in this demographic have spent money on mobile titles in the last year, compared to 51 percent of the overall mobile gamer population, and plan to spend an average of about $49 on mobile games, in-game virtual currency or content in 2012.

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