Private mobile browser Dolphin Zero hits the shelves


Mobile tech company MoboTap released a new version of its popular third-party browser, Dolphin. MoboTap likens the Android-only browser, Dolphin Zero, to Snapchat and claims to "make surfing the mobile web the most private experience ever."

The browser's features hit all the right hot buttons for security- and privacy-minded users, including auto-deleting all session data with no extra effort to the user. Given that Firefox Mobile, Safari Mobile and Google's Chrome for Mobile already feature private browsing options, how groundbreaking is Dolphin Zero?

TheNextWeb's Paul Sawers takes a look. "If you're paranoid about your data and are looking for a simple, no-nonsense browser that deletes everything, then it's worth checking out," he says. "But it does feel a little like it's jumping on the post-NSA-security-fears bandwagon, by offering something that largely exists already in the private browsing modes of Chrome or Firefox."

Dolphin's VP Edith Yeung, acknowledges that no browser on the market today will completely hide your activity from someone who's motivated to find out what you're up to. "Even though it's impossible to go completely untracked on the mobile web, we have done everything to make a new product that goes beyond anything that you will find in the market right now."

We've come a long way since the early days of browser wars that were based on which one opened the fastest. Now it's all about who can offer the best experience on a website while pretending you were never there.

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