The pros and cons of marketing apps via SMS


About a year ago, a social media expert predicted that before this decade ends, SMS as we know it will be dead. Around the same time, a report from the Pew Institute suggested that text messaging growth was already leveling off. 


Source: Jhaymesisviphotography/ Creative Commons

The introduction of iMessaging in iOS 5 was interpreted by some as a final nail in SMS's coffin. If developers still considered SMS as part of their mobile app marketing strategy, it may have been too late. More recently, however, a growing number of voices are suggesting the death of SMS, impeding or otherwise, is greatly exaggerated.

Firms like Tyntec continue to offer products and service to enable text messaging as part of the app experience, and last week, the company released a white paper urging developers to capitalize on the potential of SMS as a way of acquiring and retaining the large proportion of consumers who tend to download apps and then abandon them. According to Markus Luehe, Tyntec's business development director, this has been the biggest pain point he's heard from developers at conferences and other industry events. SMS, he said, is a way to bridge the gap between how developers move from the Web to mobile. Feature