Red Badger dumps Birdsong Twitter client for Windows Phone


Red Badger will remove its Birdsong Twitter application from Microsoft's Windows Phone Store, citing Twitter's effort to discourage rival clients as well the financial frustrations of the Windows Phone platform.

In mid-2012, Twitter unveiled a new version of its API that introduced strict new guidelines limiting how third-party clients leverage its platform, fueling outrage within the developer community. "Twitter has made it abundantly clear that they no longer wish to encourage the development of clients that emulate the core Twitter experience," wrote Red Badger founder David Wynne on the firm's blog. "Windows Phone Marketplace has not proven itself, for us at least, to be a financially viable proposition at this moment in time. The revenue generated from Birdsong sales vs. the internal cost of development and push service hosting simply doesn't add up."

Released almost two years ago, Birdsong was the top-ranked premium Twitter client in 91 percent of territories at its commercial peak, Wynne noted. "To any casual observer it is fair to say that our zeal for maintaining Birdsong's market position has waned, and we now feel it fairer to remove it from the marketplace than leave it there until the next change in the Twitter API renders it unusable," he said, recommending users inconvenienced by the move consider an alternative Twitter client like Rowi. Blog