Report: Apple's iPhone leads all connected devices on content sharing


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone owners are significantly more likely to share digital content across social networks than consumers across other connected devices, according to a new study released by social media services firm ShareThis.

After analyzing 4.9 billion social signals across the desktop Web and 1.2 billion signals across the mobile Web, ShareThis found that users are three times more likely to share content via iPhone compared to the desktop and 1.5 times more likely to share on an iPhone compared to all other mobile devices. Consumers are nearly twice as likely to click and share content on social networks through mobile devices as opposed to the desktop, the firm adds.

Platforms like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Pinterest dominate social sharing on mobile devices, ShareThis notes. Facebook accounts for 60.3 percent of all mobile content sharing, compared to 56.5 percent on the desktop, while Pinterest activity drives 18.9 percent of mobile sharing, far ahead of the desktop at 5 percent. Twitter is next at 13.6 percent on mobile and 6 percent on the desktop. At the same time, email makes up 9.6 percent of desktop sharing but email activity is basically negligible on mobile devices.

Content sharing behaviors also differ between smartphones and tablets. Consumers share to Facebook 66.4 percent of the time on iPhones compared to other channels, while Pinterest dominates iPads with 48.2 percent of social activity. The top shared content categories on Facebook for iPhone include Family & Parenting, Arts & Entertainment, Health, Technology and Government, ShareThis states; the top shared content categories on Pinterest for iPad include Food & Drink, Family & Parenting, Fashion & Beauty, Home & Garden, and Health & Fitness.

"What is interesting from the comparison is that the screen size of the device suggests a material impact on the types of content people are likely to consume and share," said Yan Qu, ShareThis vice president of data science and chief scientist. "In the case of iPads, people browse and share a lot of recipes, fashion, and home and garden subject matter, content that includes more graphics, and they use the highly visual Pinterest more. On iPhones, people socialize with their friends, listen to music and read news updates; there they rely on Facebook more."

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