Report: Intel wooing notebook vendors to adopt Ultrabook concept


Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is reportedly offering financial incentives to top-tier notebook vendors, in hopes of enticing them to adopt its new Ultrabook mobile device concept, says DigiTimes, citing sources from notebook players.

The report says that vendors are taking a conservative attitude given the failure of Intel's Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage ultra-thin notebooks in 2009. The Ultrabook concept, announced last month, combines the performance of a laptop with tablet-like features. These Ultrabook devices should come with the instant-resume feature, a touchscreen and instant boot--features highly prized in tablets. Intel expects a price point of under $1,000 and wants 40 percent of consumer notebooks globally using its Ultrabook concept at the end of 2012. Asustek is already set to launch its first Ultrabook-based notebook, UX21, in September.

According to the report, while Intel is throwing a lot of money toward notebook vendors, the cost of the Ultrabook's CPUs is high, impacting vendors' willingness to adopt as they question whether the products' prices can go as low as $1,000. The report said that most of the vendors are watching Asustek's performance with its UX21 and will assess the market as it develops.

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