Report: User interaction with mobile barcodes skyrockets

Quarter of all codes not optimized for mobile

Mobile interaction with magazines increased dramatically in the second quarter of 2012, with the number of mobile barcodes in magazines alone growing 61 percent to 2,200 codes, according to a new report.

Mobile marketing firm Nellymoser examined the top 100 magazines by circulation and found that more than 10 percent of ads contained some type of mobile barcode. QR codes remain the most popular type, holding on to an 80 percent market share.

Interestingly, Nellymoser found mobile barcode penetration across the board, with every one of the 100 magazines surveyed including at least one mobile barcode. More than half of all of these barcodes were used to promote companies in four industries, beauty, home, health and automotive. 

The most common action initiated by a mobile barcode was video, with 40 percent of codes redirecting the user to a mobile video. Sweepstakes and social media each accounted for another 20 percent of mobile actions.

Despite this rise in the prevalence of codes, the study found that a quarter of all codes directed the user to a mobile experience not optimized for mobile. In addition, 1.5 percent of the codes scanned did not work or contained broken links.

"Based on what we're seeing in our research, we anticipate more than 1,000 codes per month will run in the top 100 magazines starting in September 2012," said Roger Matus, executive vice president of Nellymoser and co-author of the Nellymoser study, in a release issued to the press.

Source: Nellymoser, Action code study

Last week, Neomedia granted Microsoft  (NASDAQ:MSFT) non-exclusive rights to its patent portfoilio, including more than 74 patents related to mobile barcode management. The Microsoft Tag barcode trails QR codes with only a 14 percent market share in the magazines surveyed by Nellymoser. The recent addition to its patent portfolio may help the company expand its reach in the mobile barcode market.

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