Revamped Google Play Developer Console is now the default experience


Google announced its revamped Google Play Developer Console is out of preview and is now the default experience, adding it will sunset the previous version of the console on April 15.

First announced last October, the overhauled Google Play Developer Console includes a new interface designed for easier navigation and search, as well as expanded insight into consumer feedback. Highlights include a graph showing changes for both the all-time average user rating as well as new user ratings that come in on a given day. Developers may also break down feedback by device, country, language, carrier, Android version and app version.

The console also touts a revised app workflow delineating differences between the new and old versions of an app, making it easier for developers to catch unintentional changes before publishing a new version. In addition, developers can publish Android app listings in 49 languages. "These new features are only the beginning of what's to come for developers on Google Play in the future," said Google Play team member Ellie Powers. Blog