Roadnet launches MobileCast fleet tracking app for iOS

Proof-of-delivery app lets management track their vehicles, notifies back-office employees when snafus arise

Transportation logistics software provider Roadnet Technologies is rolling out MobileCast Proof-of-Delivery, a new fleet tracking application optimized for devices running Apple's iOS.

Proof-of-delivery systems let management track their vehicles in real time and notify back-office employees when snafus arise. They also provide metrics that can be used to determine alternative options for route execution. MobileCast Proof-of-Delivery allows Roadnet customers using Apple devices to integrate all delivery services across a single mobile platform.

MobileCast Proof-of-Delivery highlights include GPS tracking, text messaging, dynamic dispatch of stops provided to the driver's mobile device, in-field geocoding to guarantee accurate delivery locations, store and forward options that save information for later transmission in the event of network coverage issues and re-sequencing of stops to allow drivers greater control over reordering stops when necessary. The app also incorporates On Track, a sales and merchandiser tracking solution that records mileage and time spent with a customer.

MobileCast Proof-of-Delivery also integrates mapping features baked into the iOS platform. Apple Maps provides delivery driving directions, Apple Voice Navigation supplies audible directions to a requested location and Apple Live Traffic overlays provide traffic information for the route.

Roadnet said it provides software tools and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles across industries, including food service, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. The company's fleet and mobile management software includes strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management and vehicle GPS tracking.

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