'The Room' tops this year's list of the best apps for Android, iOS



The holiday season is over, and few will be sadder to see the new year begin than iOS and Android developers, who enjoyed record app download numbers during the week between Dec. 25 and Dec. 31. Mobile app analytics firm Flurry reports that consumers activated 17.4 million iOS and Android devices and installed 328 million apps on Christmas Day, both all-time one-day highs; over the holiday week as a whole, consumers activated more than 50 million iOS and Android devices and downloaded 1.76 billion apps, breaking previous records in both categories.

Consumers who unwrapped a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays undoubtedly discovered an embarrassment of riches when they visited Apple's App Store or Google Play: The sheer quality and quantity of apps now available for download is nothing short of remarkable. Developers made enormous strides in 2012, building innovative, immersive games, productivity tools, social media services and location apps that dramatically expanded the possibilities of the mobile user experience.  

FierceMobileContent's picks for the best iOS and Android apps of 2012 celebrate a year of breakthroughs. There were so many cool, compelling apps released over the last 12 months that it was more difficult to decide which ones to leave off the list than it was to determine which ones made the cut. The final 15 make up a veritable murderers' row of apps--the absolute best of the best. They'll be difficult to top in the months ahead, but I'm confident developers will find a way.--Jason

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