Rumor mill: Apple beefs up iWatch staff, develops 'healthbook' app


Not being one to wear their intentions on their sleeves, executives at Apple are staying mum about rumors concerning their efforts to develop the so-called "iWatch." Still, rumors continue to circulate, the latest being that a team of more than 200 people has now been assigned to work on the project.

In perfect rumor-spreading fashion, AppleInsider this week reported on a MobiHealthNews article about the iWatch, which was in turn highlighted by NetworkWorld.

"The iWatch will be a peripheral device, dependent upon connectivity to an iPhone for users to gain full functionality," said the AppleInsider report citing the MobiHealthNews article. "The technological capabilities of the rumored device were also said to be 'simpler' than some have hoped, and won't have sensors for rumored advanced function such as glucose sensing and hydration tracking," it added.

According to AppleInsider, there could be a 'Healthbook' app for iOS in the works, which would communicate with the iWatch in order to track and share healthcare data for the user.

"Toward that end, Apple is said to be focusing on the 'experience' of the device, rather than the technology behind it," the article said.

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