SMBs fail to communicate BYOD policy to employees

BYOD policy gaps open firms up to lost productivity, increased risks

Small and medium-sized businesses are failing to effectively communicate BYOD policies to employees.

That is the conclusion of a BT Business survey of 250 SMB employers and employees. The BT survey found that 77 percent of employers now permit the use of personal devices at work, and 47 percent of employees already use their own devices for work purposes.

However, communication about BYOD policies is a problem for many SMBs. While 68 percent of employers surveyed said they had BYOD policies, only 39 percent of employees were aware of the policies. More than half of employers said their BYOD policies were widely communicated to employees, while only 18 percent of employees thought so.

Only 18 percent of employers believe it is their responsibility to replace the device if it is lost or stolen at work, compared to 43 percent of employees who feel their company should replace it.

Opinions appear in line when it comes to the right to wipe data on an employee's personal device, with nearly half of employers and 43 percent of employees believing their employer has the right to wipe data if a device is lost or stolen.

Communicating BYOD policies to employees is a primary responsibility for employers. Based on the survey results, employers are not effectively fulfilling that responsibility. Not having well-defined and well-communicated BYOD policies can open up companies to inefficiencies, lost productivity, and security risks.

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